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 Dr. Dog Skin Care for Dogs
Dr. Dog Skin Care for Dogs
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*Excellent deterrent for dogs that excessively/obsessively lick or chew their paws. Dr. Dog Skin Care clears up possible infection on the paw and reduces the itching and irritation.  Menthol (bad taste) helps prevent dog's paw licking behavior.  An effective treatment for 'lick granuloma' a condition where dogs obsessively chew or lick their paws.  This is product is Dr. Dog Skin Care - It is effective as a skin care and hot spot treatment as well as a paw licking preventative treatment.

Will treat other spots that dogs compulsively lick, yet paws are typically the area where compulsive licking and lick granuloma occur.

Treat Your Dog's Hot Spots and Skin Irritations

Skin Care for Dogs is an all natural topical lotion that provides fast relief for skin irritations, hot spots, itchy irritated paws, scaly skin, dermatitis, and dry skin conditions. 4 oz. bottle

How It Works...
Skin Care for Dogs is effective on skin problems including hot spots because it uses the following unique 4 stage system:
I. Natural disinfectants - Eucalyptus Oil - quickly kills the infection throughout the skin's dermal layers.
II. A skin protectorant - Allantoin - promotes rapid healing of the skin's tissue.
III. Olive Oil and Menthol discourages your dog from biting/scratching the affected area.
IV. Natural analgesics - Menthol, relieves the itchy irritating sensation, providing quick soothing relief to your dog.

Skin Care for Dogs is the most advanced and comprehensive system developed to treat canine skin problems such as "hot spots".

What Is A Hot Spot?
A hot spot is the common name given to the condition called pyotraumatic dermatitis. A hot spot is a bacterial infection (usually staphylococcus intermedius) that develops and rapidly spreads on the skin. A hot spot will be warm to the touch, painful to your dog and will emit pus and smell badly. Hair usually falls out from the infected area. Because this condition is so painful and irritating, a dog will often bite and scratch the area further spreading the infection. Treatment should be started as soon as possible to prevent the infection from spreading and becoming systemic.

*Reduce Biting and Licking While Treating The Cause
Dogs often bite or lick the infected areas. In many cases, such as hot spots and lick granuloma, the licking and chewing is detrimental.  It prevents healing or spreads the infection. Skin Care for Dogs helps stop this problem. Its menthol base tastes badly detering biting and licking, while the Skin Care treats and relieves the source of the problem. Consequently, wounds and infections heal faster.


A survey of 106 canine owners with dogs having chronic hot spot conditions showed that Skin Care for Dogs improved the hot spot condition within 3 days for 92% of the dogs. After 7 days, Skin Care for Dogs improved the hot spot condition for 98% of the dogs.

An in vitro clinical study which consisted of 2 separate trials (performed by an independent micro-biological testing facility) proved that Skin Care for Dogs killed 99.9% of the Staphylococcus intermedius bacteria (the "hot spot" causing bacteria) within 1 minute of contact time.

Hot Spots can be triggered by allergies. While it is recommended to use Skin Care to clear  skin infections, seeking treatment for the allergy itself is also suggested. Allergy treatment can reduce or eliminate hot spot outbreaks in some dogs. If you think your dog's hot spot problem is due to allergies contact your vet. Also, check out our Allergy Care Page for more information.

Dr. Dog unconditionally guarantees your 100% satisfaction with this product and all Dr. Dog products.

Customer Reviews
Hot Spot skin care for dogs
This product works great. I was at my wits end because my dog had licked his leg raw. Just a few applications of this and he left his leg alone, the hair has grown back.
Reviewed by: from New Jersey. on 3/6/2014
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