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Dr. Dog Skin Care for Dogs
Dr. Dog Skin Care for Dogs
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What Is It ?

Dr. Dog Skin Care Lotion quickly relieves your dog's itching, soothes skin, while treating the source of bacterial infections like hot spots.  It also safely and effectively moisturizes your dog's skin, relieving a common source of dog itch.  This product uses the PENtoCORE® penetration system and it is covered by patent nos. 5,460,821; 5,645,854; 5,853,751; with others pending. - 4 oz. bottle

Skin Care for Dogs all natural topical lotion provides fast relief for:

Hot Spots
Itch & Rashes
Dry Skin
Callus Build-up
Scaly Skin
Flea Bites
Skin Irritations

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

How Does It Work?

Skin Care for Dogs is effective on skin problems including hot spots because it uses an unique four stage system:
1. Eucalyptus Oil: A natural disinfectant which quickly kills the infection throughout the dermal layers.
2.  Allantoin: A skin protectant which promotes rapid tissue healing.
3. Olive Oil: Soothes and moisturizes dog’s dry skin.             
4. Menthol: A natural analgesic that quickly relieves the irritating sensation, providing quick, soothing relief for your pet.  Menthol also discourages your dog from biting and licking the irritated area.

Skin Care for Dogs is the most technologically advanced, comprehensive and
effective system ever developed to treat canine skin problems including “hot spots.” Skin Care for Dogs is effective in treating and relieving hot spots, allergic dermatitis, dry skin, and other common skin infections.

What Is A Hot Spot?

Pyotraumatic dermatitis, more commonly known as a hot spot, consists of a bacterial infection (usually staphylococcus intermedius) that develops and rapidly spreads in the skin. A hot spot will be warm to the touch, painful to your dog, will emit pus, and smell badly. Hair will usually fall out from the infected area. Because this condition is so painful and irritating, the dog will usually bite and scratch the area further spreading the infection. Treatment should be started as soon as possible to prevent the infection from becoming systemic.  More information on Canine Hot Spots.

Reduces Biting and Licking While Treating Infection - Aids Lick Granuloma

Dogs often bite or lick infected areas. In many cases, such as hot spots and lick granuloma, the licking and chewing is detrimental and prevents healing and/or spreads the infection. Dr. Dog Skin Care for Dogs helps eliminate this problem. Its menthol base tastes badly to most dogs and deters biting and licking. It also soothes itching quickly helping reduce the dog's desire to lick or bite the affected area.  Consequently, wounds and infections heal faster.

Clinical Studies Prove Effectiveness

106 canine owners surveyed showed that Skin Care for Dogs improved hot spot conditions within 3 days for 92% of the dogs.  After 7 days of use, Skin Care for Dogs improved the hot spot condition for 98% of the dogs.

An in-vitro clinical study which consisted of 2 separate trials (performed by an independent micro-biological testing facility) proved that Skin Care for Dogs killed 99.9% of the Staphylococcus intermedius bacteria (the “hot spot” causing bacteria) within one minute of contact time.

Hot Spots can be triggered by allergies. While it is recommended to use Skin Care to clear up the skin infection, seeking treatment for the allergy itself is also suggested. This can reduce or eliminate hot spot outbreaks in some dogs. If you think your dog's hot spot problem is due to allergies, contact your vet. Also, check out our Pet Allergy Care Page for more information.

Dr. Dog unconditionally guarantees your 100% satisfaction with this product and all Dr. Dog brand products. 

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Customer Reviews View All Reviews
Happy Dogs Happy Owners
Awesome product. It not only helps with any skin problem, the dogs like it, they allow us to apply it and it smells good.
Reviewed by: from Gardena, CA. on 5/6/2014
'Who Rescued Who?' Mom
I purchased Dr. Dog Skin Care recently, and it is a godsend to my old cattle dog, who licks and chews her bad knee joints to the point of granuloma. We give her vet-RX anti-inflammatory for the joints, which helps, but she still licks and chews her knees. Dr. Dog is the only relief she gets. And she understands how good it is for her - all I need to say is, 'Let's get some medicine for your knees' and she goes to a soft place and lays down so that I can rub it on her knees. She is smiling the whole time I am rubbing it on, and she stops the licking and chewing for at least 24 hours. A wonderful product. Highly recommended!
Reviewed by: from Dallas, TX. on 1/22/2014
It Works for Us!!!!
We have three dogs, two of whom have chronic skin issues - they are maltese - and I've had them on every medicine you can think of, always looking for an alternative to meds. Dr. Dog Skin Care absolutely worked, on very serious dermatitis. They do get bathed with a rx shampoo, but Dr. Dog has eliminated the need for unnecessary meds. We are so thankful. It also works well on our Bully pup who gets into minor scrapes by playing so hard at daycare:) Highly recommend this product.
Reviewed by: from Northern Virginia. on 12/9/2013
Hairless Chihuahua problems
I definitely think this lotion works.. the only issue is that it has the gold bond/ice-hot lotion tingling feeling.. and for a hairless chihuhaua that is already freezing all the time.. not sure if this is the product for her.
Reviewed by: from WASHINGTON DC. on 11/12/2013
Your Skin Care for Dogs is an amazing product! Years ago my new dog developed a hot spot and someone told me about Skin Care for Dogs. I ordered it and the hot spot was almost gone the following day. I have recommended it to many people, I even tried to convince my Vet to carry it. I have a new (older) dog who arrived with some skin issues. This has been helping tremendously. Thank you for the great product!
Reviewed by: from ME. on 9/19/2013
Our Border Collie had terrible hot spots. We used this just 3 times and her hair grew back within a few days and is shiner then ever! I have recommended this product to several dog owners because it really works!
Reviewed by: from Everett, PA. on 8/14/2013
What an amazing product
I have a 2 yr old 100 pound lap dog. She got a granuloma probably from a bug bite. We did visits to the vet rounds of antibiotics and of course we heard we should consider a cone to stop her from licking. Nothing worked until we tried the Hot Spot Treatment. In 1 week the site was healing and she left it alone. We were amazed and grateful. I had read the reviews but was afraid they were not real. Well they are all real if your having a problem with licking granuloma(s) this is the answer. Thanks for making this available.9781j9172
Reviewed by: from Nashville NC. on 7/28/2013
Dog itch lotion anss hot spot treatment
I brought this product and it smells good and I put it on my dog and it didn't work for my dog. I saw a little hair grow back and it relieve the hot spot temporary.
Reviewed by: from Spring Valley. on 5/25/2013
Our dog is 100% better after using this. Thank you!!
Reviewed by: from Upland, ca. on 4/24/2013
Dr. Dog itch relief
This product provides its onlookers with another measure of alleviating a dog's dermatological disposition. It's effectiveness is quizzical; it would depend on the individual animal being treated. I would recommend this product as an alternative to letting your dog suffer, but certainly don't allow it to suffice summarily as your last effort in this hotspot battle.
Reviewed by: from California. on 4/2/2013
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