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Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook


Do Not Induce Vomiting If Your Dog:

1. Swallows an acid, alkali, solvent or heavy-duty cleaner;

2. Is severely depressed or comatose;

3. Swallows a petroleum product;

4. Swallows tranquilizers (which prevent vomiting);

5. Swallows sharp objects (which could lodge in the esophagus or perforate the stomach);

6. Or if more than two hours have passed since the poison was swallowed.

Induce Vomiting By Giving:

1. Syrup of ipecac (one teaspoonful per ten pounds body weight);

2. Hydrogen peroxide 3% (one to three teaspoonfuls every ten minutes; repeat three times);

3. One half to one teaspoonful of salt, placed at the back of the tongue.

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