Dr. Dog Pet of the Month


Landon Dakota

July Pet of The Month


Angel & Ty
Cosmo & Josey Cosmo & Shelby Daisy Mae
Dexter Dilla DJ Baby Mumma
  Duncan Erin
Fronk Harlie & Deizel Kitty
Leo Levi Lilly
Lola Master Yoda Muffin
Tay   Precious
Rexie Romeo Romeo
Scout Skyler Sparky
Willard & Ellie    

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To sumbit your photo for Pet of the Month:
Email your photo as an attachment to info@doctordog.com or mail us your photo

We enjoy seeing the many pet pictures sent to us. When emailing photos please attach either JPEG, GIF, or Bitmap files (These files end with .jpg .gif or .bmp). No 'Word' or .doc files please, they won't be opened. Photos that are selected are in focus and don't include people (for the safety/privacy reasons). Selected photos tend to be close ups, and can be viewed easily at a small size. Please give photo files the same name as your pet otherwise their name may not appear with their picture. Only select photos are posted. Photos may be cropped in order to show ones pet clearer. Please understand that we receive many wonderful pictures, and the winning photo is often selected because of how well it shows on a web page. The winning photo is posted on our home page for the month, but their are no other prizes associated with this contest.

Photos can be sent to the following address:
Dr. Dog - BioChemics:
99 Rosewood Drive
Suite #260
Danvers, MA 01923.

Be sure to mark "Pet of the Month" on the envelope. We will notify you by email if your pet is selected, but photos can't be returned.

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